The ophthalmologists in Recklinghausen-Süd offer a complete spectrum of conservative eye medicine.
Our practice is equipped with most modern devices for laser surgery in the anterior eye segment (YAG laser in patients after artificial lens operation - cataract surgery , ionized argon laser in patients with glaucoma) and in the posterior eye segment (ionized argon laser in diabetic retinopathy and other retinal disorders).
We accomplish digital photo documentation and fluorescein angiography e.g. with diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. We attach great importance to the optimal support of patients with glaucoma. Preventive medical examinations for the early recognition of glaucoma (individual health achievement - IGeL), visual field investigation and the modern nerve fiber layer analysis (GDX) are accomplished in our practice.
The examination of our small patients with weak sights (amblyopia) and strabism takes place in our orthoptic department, supported by orthoptist Mrs. Margarethe Fischer.
For many years we are active as consultant ophthalmologists at Elizabeth-Hospital in Recklinghausen-Süd.
Furthermore we are available as specialized consultants in the district of the Kreisgesundheitsamt Recklinghausen with questions concerning assistance for amblyopic and blind persons.
Appraisals for driving licence, for sport boat driving licence, for employers liability insurance association and other appraisals can be acquired in our practice.

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